DJ Sbu Causes a Stir After this Image of him Surfaces Online

DJ Sbu has been making headlines lately, leaving many concerned fans and South Africans questioning his sanity, due to the things that he is getting up to lately and doing, like growing his hair and not properly maintaining it.

He caused quit a stir a couple of weeks back when he was photographed hugging trees and and hiding in bushes whilst holding his beverage brand known as Mofyer. People got so concerned that they did not understand what was happening to out child hood Favourite DJ, but it was soon revealed that he was just taking pictures for his latest album project which has launched by now.




Some people were still not convinced about his sanity, and now they might be right because some posted a picture of him wearing and long coat that sort of looks likr a long dress, and his legs are visible. Some people were saying that he is be witched for the things that he did to afro pop music artist Zahara, and this is his punishment.

Some said that the picture might be photo shoped and by the distortion of the photograph it surly looks photo shoped, and people are just too quick to jump into conclusion, with out getting the full facts.