Dj Sbu caused a stir on social media after visiting Emzini Wezinsizwa top actor Vusimuzi Thanda

The previous Umzinwemsizwa top entertainer Vusimuzi Thanda made shockwaves via virtual entertainment after he’s viral tik tok video where he was seen requesting gifts . He told a few media houses that he chose to request gifts after his landowners came to thump on his entryway and let him know that they need to toss him out.

Notwithstanding, While the elderly person was all the while attempting to make sense of the circumstance for IOL news, he’s child called making him that the school needs aware of remove him because of exceptional charges. He was going to bury the hatchet with the way that he’s going to be destitute, until he met a young woman who encouraged to proceed to request eminences from SABC, yet they didn’t help him, until she advised him to open up to the world and request gifts.

It appears as though that was really smart, as he has gotten over R100k, and presently he’s getting help from VIPs like DJ SBU, who played him a visit yesterday, alongside his Mofaya group.

DJ sbu took a few snaps with the elderly person and posted them via virtual entertainment, yet they were spilled by the twitter president, so they should be visible to many, individuals, but certain individuals were very glad that individuals are supporting the elderly person yet the greater part were unsettled by the thing sbu is offering of real value.






A many individuals went to recognize Sbu giving the elderly person a jar of Mofaya and shoes, on the photos which were moving on Twitter, and they went to savage Sbu, for attempting to utilize the elderly person enduring to advance his image.

Many individuals went to say that Sbu is psycho as he’s simply giving Mofaya while the general population has given over 100k in real money. Anyway others went to say that individuals should quit being desirous of Dj Sbu and without a doubt he will assist the elderly person with enduring his monetary emergency, and he likewise left with some money, he can’t simply give him a Mofaya drink.

Yet, it seem like individuals truly detests Dj Sbu and they won’t ever recognize him despite the fact that he accomplishes something beneficial or terrible, as many individuals were all the while going after him and utilizing how he treated Zahara as influence they actually kept up with that he’s simply advancing his image by visiting baba Vusimuzi Thanda.

“How could he be a legend 🙄, visiting him in the hour of poor to score exposure. He neglected to do such when Zahara was on friendly requiring help🚮🚮🚮,” says a tweep.

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