DJ Maphorisa has bought a handbag that cost over 160K

DJ Maphorisa is believed that he bought a hand bag that cost over 160K with the South African currency. MacG from the podcast and chill had also talked about it on his podcast before he went to the UK, for his international gig weekend. It was a surprise for to have such worth of a handbag and with that money, someone will pay school fees, buy a car and still be left with a huge balance.




Clearly that person was a chiller watching the podcast and chill as head MacG talking about it, then searched for it’s price value. Many people have been spotted worth having expensive hand bags, but this one of Maphorisa is really huge. The man has been in the musical industry for years and made a lot of hit songs that are made money.

He worked with Drake and other artists from the continental of Africa. From a his (Instagram) IGtv, he was talking about how his skin is expensive and it was when people started bashing him for releasing Scorpion kings that he has done with Kabza De Small, and he did not let him know about it. You can hate on him as much as you want, but it will not help.