DJ Lamiez Speaks On Whether Her Love For Khuli Chana Is Motivated By Money

Presenter and DJ, Lamiez Holworthy speaks on her relationship with Mostwako rapper, Khuli Chana. The two love birds have never been shy to show their love and affection on social media, not much is known about their private lives but fans get to see a glimpse of the couple’s cozy moments.

It seems there are “fans” who are bothered by the DJ and rapper’s union, there have been rumors stirred by fans on social media that Lamiez was abusing her husband. All those claims were Rubbished but it seems to be another rumor that brushed the DJ the wrong way. A fan by Zee Lo commented on a 2021 photo of the couple, posted by Lamiez. He stated that she wouldn’t have obtained the type of success she has if she wasn’t with Khuli, the fan added that she was only with her husband cos of his financial status.




“Lamiez without Khuli you will be nothing bcs khuli he’s rich you like hes money”

Lamiez replied to the fan in her Tswana language, basically telling the fan that they are right since she doesn’t work and has nothing going on for herself.

“Zee lo you’re right. Akere I don’t work. Wena enne ore e je kemang?!…”

Fans were quick to back up the DJ as they dragged the fan for their silly observations regarding the couple’s love for one another.