Dj Lamiez Holworthy Stuns In Her New Look

Lamiez Holworthy is known for her unmistakable look which comprises f her interesting short hairdos, and her crazy, savvy easygoing style sense that separates her from the rest. At the point when the DJ appeared another look, Mzansi was left in wonderment at how shocking she is, and her capacity to easily pull off any look.

In festival of her 30th birthday celebration, Lamiez did a progression of photoshoots where she embraced her way of life. She likewise appeared a look where she wore a straight weave, leaving her practically unrecognizable.




Fans had unquestionably the most delightful comments about her with some wanting to keep this new look as it suits her. We can’t help but concur.

Lamiez had a themed birthday festivity at her home which she imparts to Khuli Chana, went to by loved ones. She dressed as Pocahontas. The following are a couple of posts from Lamiez’s photoshoot which shook the timetables.

Lamiez wrote a sweet birthday note to herself in festival of her arriving at the filthy thirties. Lamiez compared herself to be both a princess and a hero no matter what the way that she seems to be your ordinary champion, a long way from being a princess.

“Once upon a time(30 quite a while back, to be precise) A BLACK PRINCESS WARRIOR was conceived. Brought into the world in to a reality where “hero” and “princess” were two contradicting goals.

“It’s obvious, while princesses wore enormous dresses, had long hair and fair complexion, heroes were large, loaded with battle and dark. Princesses were delicate and required to have been saved while fighters were solid, attacked, dim yet fearless?”

“You LAMIEZ, you are and consistently have been both,” she added.

Lamiez said she stood consistent with herself, “YOU turned into the SUPERHERO you frantically expected to see as a kid. You re-imagined what a princess is and poor each standard and each case that society attempted to place you in.”

Lamiez oozes trust in manners that leaves her critics reeling with envy. She frequently gets body disgraced yet she perseveres saying she won’t ever be somebody she isn’t neither will she alter her photos to suit their story.

“In the wake of perusing the insane remarks under this post, I chose to utilize this chance to TEACH,” she got going. Lamiez was referring to an image she posted an extended get-away with her better half, wearing a zebra print bodysuit.

“There’s a justification for why I didn’t alter or utilize a channel to conceal my thighs basically because…Dark skin on the internal thighs can be capable by anybody, paying little heed to complexion. It happens when the skin on the inward thigh delivers a wealth of melanin, a shade that gives skin its tone.”

“This is called hyperpigmentation. The staining of dull inward thighs might try and stretch into the swimsuit or crotch region. Dark youngster, it is impeccably considered common and alright,” she said.

“Furthermore, to every other person, before ong phaphela (before you become forward) or any other person besides ask yourself gore “Ke tsena kae” (what does that have to do with me?) I don’t definitely disapprove of it, so for what reason ought to you????”

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