DJ Lamiez encourages pregnancy fitness workouts

The star DJ, who welcomed her first child with husband Khuli Chana two months ago, has flaunted a flat tummy, prompting her admirers to wonder if she had a baby recently.

While the South African DJ appreciated the praises, Lamiez stated that she was able to get her “post-baby body” in shape thanks to fun pregnancy workouts.





The 30-year-old began these guided workouts while expecting her first child, Leano-Laone Zion Morule.

Lamiez attended the specialist online lessons for parents-to-be and moms with newborns during her pregnancy and afterward.

Now, two months later, the new mom is reaping the benefits, with many commenting on her “so flat” belly.

Lamiez tells her followers that, while she has found a gym programme and a few eating ideas and habits that work for her, she still has certain body concerns for which she is looking for solutions.

On Instagram, the well-known celebrity advised women to be patient and nice to themselves, saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”