Dj lamiez claps back at a fan who told her to give to the needy

Dj Lamiez responds to a troll in Facebook.

DJ Lamiez posted a picture of herself with a whole lot of shopping bags in the Saint Laurent store in Dubai. She said that she would love to give up shopping but she is not a quitter.




A troll responded and told her that it’s great but she should also give to the needy. DJ Lamiez clapped back and said that just because she does not post it doesn’t mean it does not happen. She said that she and her husband have adopted 30 orphans who they clothe and feed with zero sponsorship. She said that she is also in the process of building them an actual home.

She said she can’t understand how a fan would want to tell her what to do with her own money. Please ma’am not this not here! She said.

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