Dj Finzo Left Mzansi Stitched After He Shows Off His Beautiful Girlfriend. See Her Pictures

Love is blind and love is beautiful. They did not lie when they say you will find the perfect person who will make you happy and that person would be your soulmate. It’s not suprising why Dj Finzo has been showing off his beautiful girlfriend. The South African most famous Dj Finzo is in love and it’s not a secrets everyone can see that.


Mzansi has been gushing over him ever since he came out and revealed his girlfriend. Dj Finzo is one of famous dj in mzansi and everyone love him the way he is. Regardless of what the situation looks like he still find love in the arms of a young and a beautiful girl who seems to make him happy. The couple looks beautiful and so good together although many people may give their own views about the body size. Dj Finzo has made it clear that he does not date someone short like me. We have seen Dj Finzo in #GiantOfTheCity with other short people. It was interesting reality show which keeps many viewers entertained.

Dj Finzo was 9nce married to his wife for 15 years and they have a beautiful daughter. Dj Finzo was born different like many of us. He was born short which in science we call it Dwarf. Dj Finzo one of few people who have overcome criticism in the entertainment industry. He choose to live his life better than listening and reading article from different source.

The Dj might be short but he still looks handsome. You should have seen the pictures he has been posting in his social media page with his girlfriend. It’s clear that she is the one for him and we can’t wait to hear the good news about taking their relationship to the next level.