Dj Finzo Left Mzansi Confused After He Was Seen Doing This. See In Pictures.

Dj Finzo is a well-known South African DJ from Bloemfontein, who is best recognized for his work with Rosenthal. In many years’ time. He is one of the most well-known short DJs. In social media circles, he was referred to as “short and sweet” because it is the label he used to refer to himself.

Mzansi was bewildered by DJ Finzo’s performance. As a result, many people are asking what is going on with him now. Someone recently posted a photo of him online, and it’s going around like wildfire. The South African dj shared a picture of himself with two police officers on his social media profile.



While he appeared to be being arrested, Dj Finzo was spotted standing in the middle of a group of Teo police officers. People in Mzansi were left in a state of confusion, believing he had been detained by the police officers standing nearby. Everyone knows that when it comes to publicity, he’ll be a hot commodity.

Here are some of the other comments:

I love you and your spirit, DJ Finzo. Diamonds come in small packages, as my favorite DJ once said.

Papa, give them orders, my captain is that nice and short.

Amanda Maphulo: I’d like to introduce myself “I’ll go into lockdown with you if they do. I’d be happy to dance with a soul mate for a few days to help them heal.

The Kambule of Ikgetheleng: “Invite him and I’ll call you later, he’s a short and lovely guy who can make the world go faster.

It’s possible that Dj Finzo met with the authorities at the mall and chose to snap pictures with them. He was seen with a police microphone in his hand.

What do you believe is happening to him? Thank you for taking the time to voice your opinions.\