Dj Bongz Breaks Silence & Reveals That He Is Allegedly Broke

In response to rumors that he is struggling financially and physically, DJ Bongz said that he is “down and out.”

According to Zimoja Lezinto, Bongani Dlamini, the musician behind songs like “Thina Sobabili Gwara Gwara,” is a broke, while Bongz the newspaper claims that he is a billionaire.

“Lies! I overhear people saying things like that I’m at rock bottom. They are completely unaware of the fact that I am a successful businessman worth millions of rands. Buying and selling automobiles is a substantial part of my company. Music is not the only thing that brings in money for me. “I also conduct events that make people question how I am surviving given the amount of competition in this sector,” he told the outlet. “I also do events that make people wonder how I am surviving.”




According to DJ Bongz, he avoided many of the challenges that life has to offer, including death, on more than nine separate occasions. “I believe it would be fair to remark that he is comparable to a cat that has nine lives. It was recently believed that veteran DJ Bongani Dlamini, well known by his stage name DJ Bongz, had lately beaten his lowest point, both monetarily and physically.” Zimoja

This is obviously something that we observe with too many celebrities, and it is a matter of concern considering the situation in which many celebrities, once individuals make it, actually spend exorbitant sums of money on things that seem to be very much unnecessary, and we hope that this will be stopped because it is getting out of control.

It is something that we see with many celebrities, and it has become a subject of concern because of the situation in which many celebrities, once those that make it, start spending extravagant amounts of money on items that appear to

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