“Dintle Never Saw This One Coming “

Scandal is about to get more and more interesting. The girl that recently joined scandal happens to be Dintle’s daughter. Dintle got pregnant at an early age and gave her child up for adoption in 2013 to Tino and Erin Martin’s in 2013.

The Truth is now going to be unleashed. Dintle is shocked when the naughty girl Motshabi revealed who she is. Apparently she is Dintle’s daughter who she gave to Tino and Erin Martin’s in 2013. Her past revisited her now. Dintle has never been this shocked. Motshabi has the same energy as Dintle when she was still young.




Dintle got pregnant with her first child when she was in high school then Tino and Erin adopted her child who happens to be the troublesome Motshabi. Their personality are the same, like mother like daughter. Motshabi came back all grown up and wild. She is a bit troublesome and wanted to seduce Lindiwe’s husband but she failed.

For me I just hope Dintle won’t reject her because her facial expression shows how she is shocked and was not even waiting for the news.