Dingaan Khumalo Left Mzansi Happy After He Did This In #Mamazala Show

Dingaan Khumalo Left Mzansi Happy After He Did This In #Mamazala Show

Source: Hashtag #Mamazala Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode





Each week we seen different cases of #Mamazala. Today’s episode we meet the woman named Kelebogile who is in a war of fight for her husband’s inheritance. The woman is fighting with her aunt and the step daughter over the house.

The husband was married and have four children with the same and the husband also have two kids outside again. The child are the one who is staying inside the house.

The woman has lock the door after claiming that the aunty is the one who lock. She want the other 3 children from other woman to vacate the house because they are old. Apparently the husband had build the house for her In Mafikeng but she’s refusing claiming that her husband wanted her to take over the house she does not want to stay with child.

This is the first episode we see Dingaan Khumalo complaining about the complaints. The woman wrote to him for assistance but his also having doubt about her. Viewers has been saying that she is a scam because she’s fighting for a house which does not belong to her. She have 50% of the house while the other 59% belongs to the children.

She us fighting with the aunt because the aunt is fighting for the children. Viewers has got everyone talking when she got her aunt arrested. She even had her protection order against her. It’s been 8 months and the cleaning ceremony has not happened because she had her protection order.

For the first time we see viewers without taking any side, for the first the host has questions, the host had doubt about the letter of lobola. It did not specify who the lobola was being paid to. There are no names on the lobola letter. She doesn’t have a case shem.

The fact that the lobola letter was badly written doesn’t invalidate the marriage. The marriage can only be invalid if a case of forgery is proven because the lobola letter was badly written. The husband’s sister and his child confirmed on tv that he paid lobola for her.