Dineo Ranaka Wants To Meet Chris Excel After Tweeting Bad Things About Her

Chris Excel has become popular on Twitter as an influencer and self proclaimed Black Twitter president (over 800k followers). This account has been known to post banter, negative remarks about celebrities and the worst case is that it’s a catfish behind this. Many have distanced themselves from engaging with his tweets but some seem to be hooked with how entertaining it is to them. Dineo Ranaka has not been immune from the derogatory posts and has recently shared a message to Chris. Join us as we unpack more of the story below.


Yesterday Dineo took to twitter after a very disturbing post about her has been circulating on Chris Excel’s account. Chris seemed to make fun of the fact that she has been beefing with Ntsiki Mazwai in 2015 about how of a baby maker machine she is. The reality TV show star has just welcomed her third child last year that will be turning 1 on July.

Dineo’s response to Chris

On her tweet she indicated that she is very keen on meeting up with the person behind the catfish account so that they can address this in-person. “I can’t wait to meet you soon, don’t be surprised when you open the door and it’s me”. You can take a look at the other tweets attached below.

Image: Twitter


As much as this might seem like a joke, there are many people that have voiced how much that account is responsible for cyber bulling on the tweeter streets. Dineo having three kids with different fathers has nothing to do with anyone and shouldn’t be up for any discussion. It’s time that we stand up and put an end to normalizing nonsense because the results are very destructive. What are your thoughts about this story? Let’s keep the conversation going on the comments section below and remember to follow us for more informative articles like this one published daily.