Dineo Ranaka opens up about her ‘working on Christmas’ anxiety

Dineo Ranaka has taken to her social media to open up about the anxiety she was grappling with over her first international DJ gig and not spending Christmas with her three children.

In the post she shared, the star revealed that she is anxious to be away from home and her children this Christmas period.

Dineo also said she is anxious to be playing outside SA for the first time as a DJ.

Dineo’s sister and actress Manaka Ranaka joined many of Dineo’s industry friends and fans to help calmed her nerves.

“Right now I’m overwhelmed by anxiety,”’m travelling to a country I’ve never been to DJ. Will they like my track selection? Will they connect with my energy? It’s my first gig out of the country. Have I done enough to prepare for my set?”⠀


Most of her questions were centred on whether her children and  family would hold “working on Christmas” against her.

“Then there’s my children. My babies. My three little treasures. The first K, the second K and the third K. There’s an overwhelming guilt of not spending Christmas with them. Will they hold this against me? Will they be OK emotionally? Do they not feel neglected? And there’s my parents, grandmother, nieces as well as siblings who help look after my cubs. What of their needs?⠀I feel like I can’t breathe. I feel like I’m losing control of all my bearings but I’m trying my best to keep my anxiety under control,” she said.

Manaka assured her sister that her babies will be fine and shared the plan the family had set up to ensure Dineo’s children don’t feel any kind of gap while their mom is hustling.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure the children don’t feel it as much. Ziggy Ranaka and Michelle will be hosting us at Nompumelelo’s and all the children will be there. Don’t worry, the fam has it together. Go fly your wings. And they are gonna love your set,” said Manaka.

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