Dineo Ranaka is done – “I Freaking Hate That Place”

On the most recent episode of Podcast And Chill with MacG, they were examining Riky Rick’s passing and contacted a little on whether online media assumes a part in hosing a people’s psychological wellness or not.

The group, Sol Phenduka, MacG and The Ghost woman not just examined despondency and how Riky Rick could have spoken with regards to it on a lot further level when he was as yet alive, however, they additionally attempted to figure out everything.

They got two specialists, a clinical analyst and an injury instructor to take apart the subject in a lot more extensive sense.

Whenever they talked with regards to web-based media, Sol Phenduka and MacG uncovered they have been survivors of digital tormenting yet they snickered with regards to it and recognized that there may be individuals who are not however solid as they may be.

MacG then, at that point, shared a WhatsApp status composed by Dineo Ranaka about web-based media and how she detests it for her entire life. She finds it troubling that ventures these days cause web-based media a necessity and they don’t stop to ponder individuals who are enduring intellectually a direct result of it.

“I disdain individuals who made online media, I really do. I disdain the way that now the ventures we work for, underestimate you on the off chance that you don’t have web-based media. It’s a standard now, a space that powers wretchedness for some has been presently made measures. Assuming I told my bosses or clients that I am erasing my web-based media, they would go ballistic. Not thinking how much the harm it is causing me intellectually is making me go ballistic.

“Nobody truly gives a sh*t regarding mental prosperity. The majority of individuals I have told I am erasing my record have prompted me not to in light of the fact that work-this work-that. What might be said about f**n emotional well-being? I disdain that space, I cracking disdain web-based media and how we are expertly pressured into having it. I don’t need it my brain can’t deal with it,” she obviously composed on her WhatsApp status.

Dineo Ranaka has a really solid online media presence as she posts a great deal on her Instagram pages. Not such a lot of Twitter, which is the one spot individuals disdain the most, particularly famous people since they get harassed regularly.




Dineo is constantly marked poisonous in view of the dramatization she generally gets entangled in. She is painted as the trouble maker by many individuals and she is very much aware of that. For her psychological prosperity, Dineo says she briefly unfollows individuals via web-based media, “You can be outraged however that is on you. However, I briefly unfollow individuals for my psychological prosperity.”

She said every one of the names given to her by society would have likely killed her however fortunate for her, she has a decent mind so she is as yet alive.