Dineo Ranaka Called Out For Failing To Pay Back 12k

According to a post made by @Yanga_Co, Dineo Ranaka was booked for a gig and never showed up as she said she was at Somizi and Mohale’s wedding. She allegedly refused to pay back the amount that was paid to her and blocked the promoter that booked her.

@Yanga_Co wrote, “@dineoranaka was booked for an event in East London by @yobaunltd in Sept 2019. She did not pitch as she said she was attending Somizi’s wedding. She didnt refund the 12K paid to her & flights worth 6k fo her and her manager till today she blocked the promoter on all social media”

Whatsapp chats were even provided showing the conversation between the promoter and Dineo Ranaka.

Twitter reacted to the news and most began sharing that it was not the first time someone complained about Dineo Ranaka. Allegedly her make up artist complained as well of not being paid.



@BonoloAnne commented “Few months ago, there was a make-up artist who claimed Dineo refused to pay her money she made for the day. I think she owed that lady about R1.5k but dololo. Someone said the Ranakas are broke😩😩🤧 ”

Later on Dineo started to trend with tweeps sharing their views on the matter.

@ValenciaMaseko wrote,” I love and respect Dineo Ranaka. She’s a genius and excels in everything she does. She always encourages us to believe and follow our dreams.

Her real life character is however questionable. There’s always drama involving her not paying people. She gets away with it. ”

@LollymacMaklima wrote,” Dineo knew very well she was not gonna attend this event yet she fooled this gentleman and took the money. Sis knew she was gonna be at Somizi’s wedding. I know a scammer when I see one. ”

@just_esihle wrote,” I love Dineo but mogel is always trending for all the wrong reasons 😭. With all that wisdom umntu uyahlupha Kanti uyikhupha ngomlomo kphela yin💔 #dineo ”

@Gugustarrr wrote,” I think Dineo has really mastered the language used in therapy, she’s soo good at it… but it’s the total opposite of who she is,I stopped watching the family show because of this reason.”