Diepcity: ” Who needs enemies when you have her as a mother “viewers

MaShenge is back and mzansi wishes she hadn’t come back. The character potrayed by Thandeka Dawn King on one magic’s diepcity has been one of the most controversial characters in the soapie. MaShenge doesn’t like her daughter Nox and can’t fake it. In fact she hates her daughter with passion,she has never supported Nox and blames her for the death of her brother Sbusiso.

When MaShenge learned that Mgedeza bet her husband Bonga because of Nox she fumed. MaShenge is just a character however most people related to it as they claimed that’s how some of their mother’s are like. Nox gets to go back home to her real parents while most people go back to the real MaShenges.


MaShenge does nothing but break Nox to pieces, its as if she finds joy in Nox’s brokenness. Most people felt MaShenge was depressing from the beginning of the show and now she’s back and more depressing. However the character is very educational perhaps parents will get to learn how their bitterness destroys a child and makes it easier for them to be targeted by things that can easily destroy them. There’s a difference between being strict and being toxicparents need to find that thin line.

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