Did you know Zithulele from Imbewu is Zimbabwean and his real name

South African actor Raphael Griffiths has always had a questionable heritage roots.

According to research the actor is Half Zambian and half South African.

Briefly.com says he was was born in Johannesburg in 1992. However iolnews.com caught up with another source that made contradictory claims.




A source told this publication that Griffiths grew up in Zimbabwe, at small township called Makhandeni, Bulawayo.

The source said Griffiths spent most of his childhood in Bulawayo and did his primary schooling at a nearby school called Mtshingwe primary school.

“Yes, I grew up with him. His grandmother is known as MaPhiri in the neighborhood she always shows us his pictures,” said the source.

He added that his grand parents are from Zambia or Malawi.

“I see on the Internet people say he’s from Zambia. Yes that might be true for his grandparents. I’m not sure if they are from Zambia or Malawi but as for him he was born in Zimbabwe and his real name is Tawanda,” added the source.

The source who claims they grew up together even playing together in the dusty streets of the township also revealed his real name.

“He probably changed his name to Raphael but we know him as Tawanda, his grandmother always refers to him as Tawanda,” he said.

Griffiths has now made a name for himself in the South African entertainment industry as Television presenter and as an actor.

Currently he acts on the Durban based soapie, as Zithulele a son of a rich oil mogul.