Did Natasha Thahane welcome a baby boy? Checkout recent pictures of her breastfeeding her baby.

There’s nothing like a new life to bring things into perspective. As parents there’s this feeling of fulfillment that we get when we bring a life into this world. We become complete and instantly happy. It doesn’t compare to any other feeling. That’s why there’s this certain glow and confidence that comes from a new mother.

Natasha Thahane is an actress, brand ambassador and businesswoman. She has her own producing company. She’s starred on The Queen, Skeem Saam and others. She’s amongst some of the most humble celebrities in the country. Natasha announced her pregnancy months back, which caused a frenzy with her.


She’s been living privately for some time now. She has now shared a picture of herself which clearly shows that she’s given birth. In one of the pictures that that shared it seems by 24 she had given birth. In one of her stories she appears while breath feeding her child. The blanket is black and white. Can we assume it’s a boy? But she looks like a natural with her child.