Did He Prophesy the Death Of Queen Elizabeth? See What This Prophet had Said

The news of Queen Elizabeth’s death shocked many people. She had spent the majority of the summer at her Scottish estate, and she died away there on Thursday afternoon. Since her coronation in 1952, Her Majesty the Queen has presided over a period of unprecedented change in British society. Her beloved son, King Charles III, has said that the news of his mother’s death is a “period of tremendous sadness” for him and the rest of his family, and that her death would be “deeply felt” all across the world.

For the first time in more than seventy years, Britain woke up on Friday without Queen Elizabeth II as their monarch. In a quiet and dignified passing on Thursday, the Queen passed away. There will be memorial services in the coming days to honor her life and guide the community through the upcoming change. Throughout history, the death of Queen Elizabeth will be recalled as the catalyst for the most heated discussion ever documented. Concerning the Queen’s passing, everybody can speak their thoughts without restraint.




A pastor had predicted this death before all that had happened. He predicted the imminent destruction of the Landon bridge and, by extension, the death of the Landon queen on January 2nd. He claims to have witnessed angels weeping and staring down at the palace in distress. Next, he said that God had informed him that the monarchy would not survive until 2023. This was back in April when he made this comment. Uebert Angel Love, a self-proclaimed “angelic prophet,” made these predictions during a Sunday sermon. It’s been since January that he’s been stating this, but nobody has taken him seriously. Check out the video of his prediction down below:


Modern prophets are good at warning us of impending doom, but they rarely offer advice on how to avoid disaster. A sangoma also witnessed the murders of murderer Kai and Mpura Doid, but unlike in that case, he did not offer advice on how to prevent further deaths. However, many are unhappy with the prophet who witnessed Elizabeth’s death. They claim that his predictions were based solely on her age. It was spoken bad things about the prophet.