Details Of Nonku Williams’ Ex-husband And Her Relationship With Sfiso Ncwane

Details Of Nonku Williams’ Ex-husband And Her Relationship With Sfiso Ncwane






Since the release of The Real Housewives Of Durban, the reality tv star Nonku Williams has been making waves in the entertainment industry. Nonku Williams has received her breakthrough through our the show because of taste fashion choice and the fancy lifestyle. Nonku Williams is one of outspoken media personality who is not afraid to say what’s on her mind.

Nonku Williams is a South African businesswoman who owns one of wine in mzansi. She is also a media personality and a tv reality tv show. Nonku has been trending in the past few days after his husband and ex-husband were revealed.

Many people has been interested to know more about her husband since there has been no record of her being married. Nonku Williams is known to have dated the late Sfiso Ncwane who gave her a beautiful daughter. Nonku William’s daughter Nothile was born in 2007 during the time when Sfiso and Ayanda Ncwane were still in a break. Nonku Williams also have a beating son whom she never shared the baby daddy information.

Apparently there has been some rumors that the reality tv star have recently announced the breakup with her husband. Apparently the couple are going through divorce. Nonku is serious about keeping the identity of her husband and why they are getting married. Nonku Williams have spoken on how her marriage with her husband has been in the past five years. It’s sad that domestic violence is the reason why she had to choose herself and instead of him. Nonku has remained to keep her private life.

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