Denise Zimba’s daughter starts school in Germany.

Every parent looks forward to the day that their child will be starting school. It symbolizes growth and independence. Yes, we do get scared but it also gives us assurance that we’ve done our job as parents. Our little ones get to navigate life through their own eyes.




Denise Zimba is an actress, musician and television presenter. She hasn’t been on our screens in a long time but she’s still releasing music. She had her dream wedding months back and she’s been the happiest wife ever. She’s a mother to a beautiful little princess called Leah, which is a replica of both her parents.

They are currently living in Germany. But come every now and then in the country. She’s shared a cute picture of Leah holding a paper, on the paper she tells her fans that she’s a first grader. Leah has the cutest smile ever. Denise and her husband gave birth to themselves with her.