THE SunTeam watched in horror as a kid (8) screamed and attacked people in Slovoville, Soweto.

Her mum (29) claimed the girl was three years old when she became possessed by evil spirits.

The child had complained about a sore neck and started throwing tantrums.

“I took her to a clinic, but her behaviour got worse.

“I went to a sangoma, who said my daughter could have died.”

When the neck pains stopped the girl started complaining about vaginal pain.

The mum claimed thick worms came out of the little girl’s vagina at one point.

She said her daughter’s stomach swelled up as if she was pregnant.

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi said: “This usually happens when a mum is cursed during pregnancy. She can come so we can find out how to help her.”

Actonville doctor Beverly Langevelt said false pregnancy causes stomachs to swell.

“But it usually only happens to older women,” she said.

She said she had never dealt with a similar case.