Deborah Fraser’s body was taken back to mortuary after funeral. Read all about what happened

On Saturday, friends and family gathered in Durban to bid Deborah Fraser farewell. Fraser passed away last week after a long battle with Diabetes. During the emotional send off, Deborah’s sister Lorna paid an emotional tribute to the late gospel star, telling mourners that she prayed for her sister’s recovery. Speaking at the Station Venue in Durban on Saturday morning, Lorna said the star loved her family. “She had so much love. She loved our children. She would never walk in empty-handed when she came to see the grandkids. We lived with her and rejoiced.




The ceremony was attended by who’s who in the Gospel music industry. But it turns out mourners werw told not to go to the graveyard after the ceremony. Daily Sun reports that Deborah Fraser has not yet been buried. After the ceremony, her body was taken back to the mortuary. The singer was apparently set to be laid to rest at Lala Kahle cemetry but the hearse proceeded back to the mortuary after the ceremony. Family Spokesperson, Mafisa told Daily Sun that a date for Deborah’s actual burial has not yet been confirmed. The family says they did not want to bury their loved one under those floods that hit KZN again over the weekend. They couldn’t just throw the coffin in the water and mud.

The actual burial will be dependent on weather. If the floods stop on Monday, they can bury Deborah same day

Some have slammed the family for making such a decision, saying how can they host the ceremony and take her back to the mortuary. But I say, good decision by family for not throwing her body away. Let’s wait for this rain stop and they will do the right thing… Strength to the family.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Dube at Deborah Fraser’s Funeral urged artists to learn to stand for themselves. “Government is failing. We should stop thinking it’ll make things happen for us. We need to stand up and do things for ourselves “.

Do you think the family did well by taking her body back to the mortuary?