Deborah Fraser Died Broke Because Of This Man?

Fraser passed on this past Sunday, 15 May 2022. The family released a statement that said that she passed on after a short illness. During her memorial service, it was revealed that she died poor.

People are now failing to understand how Deborah Fraser died poor after making so a number of hits. Some are even blaming other celebrities for not looking out for each other. They believe something should have been done to assist her, by those who are in the same industry with her.



Word has it that she would maybe have not passed on as a poor person, had she has not married a scammer. It is said that, a few years ago, she got married to a non-South African man who had disguised himself as a pastor, and was later discovered to be a scammer. When they divorced, she realized an album, but did not get as much recognition as the previous albums. So that is where people believe all her money went.

Another issue that people raised is that, in the music industry or entertainment industry as a whole, you get paid only when you so the work. The fact that they do not have a stable income, means they should always invest, or have a business that they will fall back on should something go wrong.