DBN Gogo cancels trip to London

DBN Gogo recently took to her social media to share a statement regarding her trip to London.


This is coming after the star us said to perform at the Yam Carnival in London and Grillyard in Manchester.




In her post, she stated that she will no longer be going on the trips.

“Due to Unforeseen circumstances with regard to traveling restrictions and immigration policies, it is with great disappointment that I will not be able to be present at Yam Carnival in London and Grillyard in Manchester, “ she said in a statement.

She also shared her apologies, she said she will make sure that she attends other gigs.

“We have tried our utmost best to adhere to regulations and expedite our journey to the UK, with respect to the government policy. Unfortunately, we have not succeeded…yet

“It would be an understatement to say that I am sorry. I am gutted that I can’t be there, as every moment I share with my people on the dance floor is precious to me. I hate to disappoint you. With that said I am not giving up. Once I have abided by the law and done the things, you can catch me at the other gigs advertised.

See tweet below: