Davido’s son allegedly drowned in the pool, read here




Davido, a Nigerian singer has made a name for himself over the years and he still continues to make hits and collaborate with artists all over the world, sharing the passion he has ,which is music.

Other than being famous for his career, Davido is also famous for having children from different mother’s and that is something that, many singers are doing and Nick Cannon has also been impregnating women all over.

With that being said, yesterday the internet was buzzing about the death of Davido’s son and people extended their condolences to the parents of the young boy.

It is reported that, Davido’s son drowned in the pool, however the details to where it happened are still sketchy as people are making assumptions.

Davido is not the first celebrity to lose a child in that manner, D’banj also lost his son few years back after he drowned in the pool.