Daughter Of Slain Actress Who Died Because Of a Drunk Driver Demands Answers

The daughter of the actress who was slain at Cape Flats by a “drunk” demands justice.

The daughter of a well-known actress from the Cape Flats who passed away earlier this year has expressed her desire for justice on behalf of her late father. Randall Majiet, now 44 years old, has acted in a number of movies both domestically and internationally, including Four Corners and Noem My Skollie. He has also worked with Hollywood stars Orlando Bloom and Forest Whitaker on the movie City of Violence, which is also sometimes called Zulu.

After being struck by a vehicle driven by a suspected drunk driver in Mitchells Plain in May, Randall and another guy both passed away instantly. His daughter, Maya Nchelm, who is 23 years old, said that both of them passed away at the scene of the tragedy. His heart was ripped, both of his lungs were full of blood, and his liver had completely stopped functioning. It was nothing but awful.




She claims that Christmas is getting closer and that she is still trying to come to grips with her husband’s passing, but there has been no advancement in the case since the driver has not been held accountable for his actions. The fact that members of the public were forced to see something so awful is a tragedy in and of itself, and the gravity of the situation demands that it not be treated flippantly because the victims’ families are demanding justice.

Maya explains that, “After the collision, the driver of the car went to the hospital; however, when I talked to the detective, he claimed that he was released, so they couldn’t acquire a blood sample from him.”

“They haven’t arrested him yet, and the detective informed me that they won’t be able to arrest him until the crime scene report is processed.”

I have been harassing the detective with questions about the status of the investigation, but all he can say is that he hasn’t even received the report yet.

Maya continues, her voice breaking with sorrow, “It’s hard because he was getting his life straight.” He had planned to tie the knot at the beginning of the new year, but I haven’t even been married yet since we can’t obtain justice. There have been a number of incidents like this, and the fact that the couple was cheated out of their future is something that is giving rise to significant levels of anxiety.