Date a sangoma at your own risk| This is what GogoSkhotheni claims to want.

During the gathering extraordinary, where all the pressure and show arrived at a record-breaking high with her two accomplices, more was uncovered. Selbyonce, our courageous host went all in as she attempted to get all the delicious data from the cast of the show and it was powerful.

When confronted with the truth of a third spouse, Gogo Skhotheni was determined that indeed, she couldn’t want anything more than to have another! It was logical at the peak of the show and was astounding, ing to say the least!

Her spouses, Monde and Sbusiso, weren’t in arrangement however we’ve all seen that it seldom matters. It was unexpected to me however that Sbusiso would be the one with a greater issue with it. As a second spouse, he didn’t have to kick up a quarrel.

Watchers are as of now irritated however this disclosure was especially disturbing.


One client stated, “Smh… She’s something different… presently indicating the chance of a third husband and #gogoskhotheni”

While another client stated, “Lmao I’m kicking the bucket at how Sbu says he wouldn’t take into consideration a third spouse yet he anticipates that Monde should acknowledge him🥴#GogoSkhotheni”

One client stated, “This thing will continue and Tumi will have different Spouses since they consented to the entire course of action yhooo #GogoSkhotheni”

The last client stated, “Hayiii date a sangoma at your own risk😂 3 husbands?#gogoskhotheni”