‘Dancing for her supper’: SA trolls Mama Joy again

South Africans across the country have made their way to France to watch the Springboks face off against England in the Rugby World Cup semifinals. One lucky South African, sports fanatic Mama Joy, has however been there since day one. She was among those who welcomed Arts and Culture Minister Zizi Kodwa who arrived in France on Friday in support of the national team.





Videos of her singing and dancing excitedly at the sight of the minister have gone viral as South Africans troll her for “dancing for her supper”.MINISTER’S FRANCE TRIP FROWNED UPON
Minister Zizi Kodwa has faced backlash for what many are calling the mishandling of state funds.

This after he shared videos of himself arriving in France to support the Springboks ahead of their match with England on Saturday night.

While some say it is only right for the minister to be there, others have slammed the the trip as another waste of taxpayers money.In the comment section, local app users slammed the minister while arguing that his trip is just another waste of money.

“Another wasteful expenditure,” one person wrote while a second added:

“Rubbish, you went there for holiday sponsored by taxpayers.”

Like the minister, Mama Joy also found herself in the firing line and is getting roasted by social media users.

One particularly spicy X user wrote that she is “dancing for her supper” after watching her excitement at welcoming Kodwa at the airport on Friday.