“Daddy’s copy” fans reacts to a post by DJ Zinhle of her husband

Starting a family with some who loves you as much as you love them is a great blessing. We have seen a lot of people whose relationships lasted because they genuinely love each other. One couple that has been inspiring us with their love, is DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz, who are now amongst Mzansi’s most influential couples.




Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle are head over heels in love. Many of us can only dream about marrying our soul mates. The couple has taught us more about life since they have been together and a lot of people adore what they have. The couple is blessed with an adorable daughter in their marriage, and they have been living happily since they got married.

DJ Zinhle is always gushing over her children and her husband. In a recent post she shared pictures of her daughter and her husband. A lot of people noticed how Asante looks exactly like her father rather than her mother. Many people in the comments section even mentioned that Asante is her dad’s copy. What do you think of DJ Zinhle’s recent post? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don’t forget to hit the share button.