Dabula Recently Left Mzansi Talking On Social Media After She Said This In #Umndeni. (Watch)

Source: Hashtag #XRep#Umndeni twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest

What happened to Fezile & that Slay Queen that was ready to take Dabula toe to toe. I almost didn’t get Dabula when he said “he exposed my food, he exposed what I eat…”

So we will never see Maseko’s side chick that was ready to take Dabula toe toe the same way we will never hear Maseko’s AmaPiano song. #Maseko must invite his side to that party, mzansi wanna see something. Dabula’s English deserves its own dictionary. Dabula must be very much that its only her and Mahlalentabeni left,the attention is on them now. The relationship between these two, will end in tears. Mahlalentabeni wanted to gossip about Dabula with Maseko’s daughter but at least she managed to hold it to herself. We all know that Dabula loves drama.

The Maseko have decide to celebrate his son Mpilo’s birthday. Mzansi has been wondering who is really in charge of the party planning because everything seems half planned. Maseko is something between being broke and stingy, but I don’t know the word. Well if there’s no money and people helping, nothing can be done at all. Maseko is really unreliable and this is not the first time he does something like this, even last time when Dabula had something he didn’t even pitch in to help now this

Everything is in half prepared.” – Dabula





“When I got there everything was unprepared. I was confused whether it was a day for a party or a day for a funeral…” – Dabula.

They said they want Spiderman but the kids did not wear any spider and the boy did not even wear Spiderman cartoons. We were expecting to see Mpilo wearing g blue but we see him wearing red while others pink. I don’t see anything about Spiderman here ,the decor lady lied. We really did not need to see a drunk Mam’khulu twerking by the gate at a kid’s party. One thing about #Umndeni it will traumatise you. It’s a couple of mins till. As the days go by, Maseko just goes to show how he really doesn’t care about his wives or kids.

Today her make up and weave is too way beautiful than Dabula. #Umndeni Dabula looking like he has an animal on his head. Dabula slays unprovoked, love her fashion sense.