Cute Bridal Gele Styles for 2019

We’re African ladies and yes we love our African ankra fashion and styles, we love it more when we rock it with the best of trendy Gele head ties that absolutely look perfect on us. Now it comes to our traditional weddings where we rock everything traditional, it makes more sense to rock on our heads the most beautiful and coourful head tie, which ic Gele. These Gee=le particularly the one sthat colour our traditional weddings; Cute Bridal Gele Styles is what we share with you in this collection of trendy bridal gele. One thing any African bride particularly Nigerian bride needs to know on the day of her traditional wedding, all your traditional African attire won’t make any sense if you don’t pair it with suitable and trendy bridal gele to match and colour your day. I think that sums it up. But how do you know what bridal gele is suitable or is the absolute perfection for your traditional attire and appearance? The reason am sharing this post with you. Chose from the many African trendy bridal gele and watch how you glow on your day.