Critics worry about the enormous shoes Kairo is expected to fill ٍsee more

AKA and DJ Zinhle’s daughter, Kairo, has been in the spotlight since her early years, raising concerns about her exposure to the entertainment industry. Some argue that she is being exploited, pushed into a world where she may believe this is her only destiny.


At a tender age, Kairo might not have had the chance to enjoy a normal childhood. Critics worry about the enormous shoes she’s expected to fill. The pressure on her tiny shoulders could be overwhelming.

Moreover, her every move is documented on social media, often sparking debates about the ethics of exploiting a child for online engagement. People question whether this relentless attention is a form of abuse, and whether Kairo’s well-being is being sacrificed for the sake of clicks and likes.

In the end, while it’s essential to encourage children’s talents, it’s equally important to ensure their emotional and psychological well-being, keeping their best interests at heart.