Could there be truth in Molemo Jubjub ‘s accusations?

Ever since jubjub has been accused of rape by Amanda du Pont. the story has been viral on the social media. I am also surprised why Amanda chose to disclose this information about her former ex lover now after so many years that the incident apparently happened.For those who don’t know him. His real name is Molemo katleho Moarohanye.He is a South African media personality who is successful hip-hop star and TV host of popular shows in south Africa. He was convicted of culpable homicide for the death of four children in December 2012. He was released on parole in 2017 after serving 4years in jail. 




For those who don’t know Amanda du Pont is also a South African media personality who is an actress.,model and TV host.Jub jub Has just recently made a came back to the media industry. And his career seemed promising especially for someone who is from jail, it can be hard to succeed in anything let alone even get a job especially since you were convicted and jailed before.

To my opinion what ever the truth may be.. Why was it hidden until now? I sense a lot of jealousy from all this women. She don’t want the guy to succeed.I mean if Amanda was scared to come forward before why she didn’t do it when He was in jail and maybe it was going to add to his sentencing. if she come out now and say this, everyone is even backing her not looking at the facts. If ever there is a truth to this, the fact is it shouldn’t hold any grounds because she waited until he was successful and then became jealus and now she don’t want justice she is just bitter and want him to keep suffering. I still think Amanda is overdoing it. Jealousy is very dangerous.



Instead of even following proper channels of her claims. She chose social media knowing very well what is her aim. To tarnish jubjub raputation and ruin his Career. Which she did very well because after her claims two more women came forward also claiming they have been a used by him and he also lost his job as well as reputation. But then again I am just a writer.