Could Cee-jay be Motshabis father after Scandal revealed this

As much as Dintle is trying to avoid the topic of Motshabi’s father that hasn’t stopped Motshabi from trying to find out herself by asking questions. We can always try to escape the past but it will always find a way back to us.


Dintle mentioned Mbuyi to her aunt as the possible father but they are two more men that are viable candidates to be Motshabi’s biological father. It is either her high school sweetheart Scelo or it could be Daniel Nyathi, Quinton’s father.

Back in high school, Dintle had a romantic relationship with Scelo and at one point she claimed that he was responsible for her pregnancy and the father of the child. She also had an affair with Daniel Nyathi at the time.

Dintle has become very defensive and does not want to discuss Motshabi’s biological father because she might not even know who the father is.