Connie’s heartbreaking message to Shona>This is not a goodbye, this is until we meet again

Connie’s heartbreaking message to Shona>This is not a goodbye, this is until we meet again


Today, Members of the Ferguson family gathered to pay their last respects to late veteran actor and producer Shona Ferguson, with his wife Connie sharing a heartbreaking message to her husband.

Shona passed away at Millpark hospital last Friday due to Covid-19 complication.


Connie managed to deliver the speech as heartbreaking as she was.

“My love, my Skatpie never in a million years would I be in a position I am in today, speaking as I am today without your physical appearance. Sho, I thought you and I were going to grow old together. That’s what I saw, that’s what I saw for us. This has always been a dreams.


I never anticipated where we are today, God brought you into my life 20 years ago and I anticipated another 20 years with you.

I remember when we will see elders at Cresta Mall walking while holding hands, we would look at them and go “look at us at the couple of years” and we would hold hands as if we were not holding hands already.


nursed you for 28 days. I had never known anyone as strong as you are, how I saw you at the hospital, how you fought. Skat, I want you to know I am so proud of you.

I have never known anyone with your fighting spirit, even on a hospital bed you defied the odds so many times.

I am hurting right now, my heart is bleeding. I was not ready for you to go, the girls were not ready for you to go.

I think I am beginning to believe that God heals differently, I can’t imagine my life without you. Sho, the past couple of days have been almost like a dream.

What I do know for sure my love is that you are walking with the Lord and you have been prepared for this day all your life” said Connie.


Connie went on to talk about the love they have shared together.

You have taught me unconditional love, you were not one for half measures. Anyone who has ever known you knows my husband loved hard, he cared hard, he worked hard. Most importantly he loved the Lord even harder.

I have to find it in me to continue until I am ready to join you. So this is not a goodbye my love, because love like you and I have does not die.

This is not a goodbye, until we meet again, when God thinks is time.” said Connie.

Fans on twitter also expressed their emotions remembering the actor for his work ethics and the love he had for his family.

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