Connie Revealed This Information About Her Private Life

Connie Ferguson has been in the entertainment industry for decades now. She is well known for the role that she portrayed as Karabo on Generations, not the legacy, but the very first generations. Many still refer to her as Karabo Moroka, and refuse to refer to her by her current or recent role.




She and her husband were one of the most loved couples in South Africa. Many wished to have a relationship like theirs, and some loved their content. There are people who could not wait to see the couple’s posts on their social media platforms.

Her husband, Shona Ferguson passed on in 2021. Most people didn’t think she would be able to cope without him, but she has not been able to talk about her husband, and his passing.

During an interview she spoke of her time on Generations, and how Karabo’s pregnancy storyline was brought in because she was also pregnant in reality. She says she lost the baby, but the pregnancy storyline had to continue. She played the pregnant Karabo, while in reality she was grieving.