Connie Furgason seen hanging with a friend. Their smile will melt your heart. See pictures below.

Those who grew up watching Generations know Karabo Moroka very well. She was part of the first cast of the soapy back in the nineties. She played alongside big-name actors, some of whom have since died

Connie Ferguson got married to a wonderful man and together they built an empire. Through their company, the pair have allowed a lot of talented actors to perfect their craft.


Sadly Connie’s husband Shona succumbed to Covid-19 complications. The world watched in horror and shock when a giant was being laid to his final resting place.

In the picture above, Connie can be seen in a warm embrace with a young male friend. Some might obviously get the wrong idea.

Connie has mourned and respected her husband enough and no one would blame her if she chooses to move on with her life. Everyone gets lonely and Connie is free to get herself some company.