Connie Ferguson’s surprise birthday party with her father, family and close friends

Most fans thought that Connie’s birthday had passed without proper celebrations as she did not share anything on social media.

Instead she was only withholding the birthday content, but her friend spoiled the beans.

She shared videos of Connie’s surprise birthday party, and most of her family members were there.

Alicia, her father and most of her close friends made the birthday celebration a blast.





After her friend @lungsmxo shared the video on her Instagram, Connie appreciated their love saying.Sharing on her Instagram, Lungs Dube expressed so much love to Connie showing how close they are.

“Yesterday we celebrated an ICON of a woman an individual that is indescribable in words but only in heart felt emotions because those are very real and they come from the depth of the soul. May The Might GOD continue to bless your beautiful heart you are so full of LOVE and you share it so abundantly and we thank you. Happiest Birthday @connie_ferguson 🥳 my Ausi Constance ❤️❤️😂!!” she said.

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Connie Ferguson’s daughter Alicia also responded on the same post showering her mother with love.

“Moratiwa wa pelo yaaka @lungsmxo I know why I like you so much 😂😂😂 yesterday I got to see a side of you I relate with a lot over and above you being an amazing loving, humble soul💕💕💕”