Connie Ferguson’s daughter celebrates Axoli in recent post.

Sometimes family isn’t just blood. We grew up being told that family loves you unconditionally and has your back at all times. Which is true but now we have strangers that love us and have our back. Which turns them into family. That’s why out friends now become more.





Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson is an actress and production manager. She comes from a family great giants in the enterainment industry. With her mother being Connie Ferguson, her father Neo Matsunyane and step father the late Shona Ferguson. She’s has proved her worth as an actress and production manager. Her recent role was on Unmarried season 3.

We’ve seen her and her mother share a picture with a young man. It turns out the owner of Axiel Diamond, Axoli has now turned into a brother. She shared pictures of them together telling how much she appreciates him. It is good to tell people how much they mean to us while they are still alive.