Connie Ferguson shares throwback photos of the late Shona Ferguson months after his death

When you mourn your loved ones who have passed away, you tend to think about them more and even do the things you used to do with. You might honor them by writing about your recollections of them or making a remembrance book. Talking to someone else about your loved one might also be beneficial. You could seek help from a friend or loved one, or you could consider joining a support group if necessary.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be one of the most difficult experiences in life, and we have seen many individuals suffer as a result. Connie Ferguson and her family are among many who have suffered greatly since the death of their beloved Shona Ferguson. Connie Ferguson recently turned to social media to share a flashback photo with Shona, captioning her post:



“I’ll never forget how much I miss you. I hope you’re getting enough rest, my Angel. I will always love you.” Her daughter Lesedi, on the other hand, decided to open out about how much she missed her father Shona Ferguson. She stated in a post she uploaded on her Instagram account: “You’ve been on my mind a lot the last few days. Then I realized it was today. There was always something special about the way you shot your images.

Even back to 2004. Your first headshots were taken in our backyard. A halo was always formed about you by the light. It was your aura that was mirrored. Now there’s an angel here, and now there’s an angel there. If I could remember my dreams, maybe I’d remember your visits, if you’ve been here recently. That aspect of me is what I miss.” The mother and daughter’s messages drew a lot of attention and left many people in tears.

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