Connie Ferguson Shares Last Conversation With Her Husband

Connie Ferguson Shares the Final Conversation She Had With Late Husband Shona Ferguson: “You’re My Soulmate”

July will also be a difficult time for the Ferguson family, as this marks the time that Shona Ferguson passed away after some health complications.


In memory of his passing, his wife shared the last thing he told her before he passed on, which was that she was his soul mate.

She stated that she had told him that he was her Soulmate and he responded through hand gestures that she was also his Soulmate, he was unable to say this because he had a mask on.

The couple had always inspired their fans as they seemed very in love and often showed their appreciation of each other. They had built their family together as well as their careers.

Shona Ferguson’s passing was a shock too many people, but most importantly it was a loss.
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