Connie Ferguson Says She Is Surprised Her ‘Marriage’ To Xolisani Has Not Ended In A Divorce. See Below

Connie Ferguson is one of the strongest women there is in the world. The things she has been through and to still be standing like this is just so admirable and not so many people, let alone women can bounce back like that.

Connie’s world came crumbling down when the most tragic thing happened to her. Connie Ferguson lost her husband Shona Ferguson late last year. What the family revealed was that Shona lost her life due to covid, and indeed covid really did hit hard when it came.



However, as painful as it was, Connie had to stand up and keep the ship operating. She had businesses to take care of, like Ferguson films and she has just been handling everything with so much grace.

However, Connie Ferguson just posted something very surprisingly. She shared a picture with a man, and did not end there. She said in that post she cannot believe that their marriage has not ended in a divorce. These are her words, and the guy’s name is Xolisani.

What do you think of this post shared by Connie Ferguson and what she said?