Connie Ferguson posted a picture with her dentist

Connie Ferguson is a South African media personality who is also one of the country’s most well-loved actresses. She was born in Cape Town and raised in Johannesburg.

Since joining the industry more than two decades ago, she has maintained an exemplary level of performance.

A large number of people are familiar with her Karabo Moroka because of the history she carries, and it is from this place that she has acquired a great deal of affection and respect from her followers.

She is married to actor and businessman Shona Ferguson, with whom she shares the most beautiful of marriages. They have two children together.

Connie has two very beautiful children, both of whom she adores and who she constantly posts pictures of on her social media pages. She also has a grandson, who she adores as well.

Her birthday was just a couple of days ago, and she celebrated it in grand style.


Her husband surprised her with a brand new car that is just stunning.

When she posted a picture of herself with her doctor, people began to remark and inquire as to why the dentist always sat on the chair behind his patients.