Connie Ferguson new look style

This past week was a really special one for the Fergusons. It marked the 51st birthday of renowned actress Connie. Social media was flooded with messages from family and friend wishing the actress a tremendous day. Her husband, Shona took to social media to pen a heartfelt message. Grateful and lost for words at an equivalent time, Shona described his beautiful wife because the air that he breaths. He then toasted to several more years of their love.Connie Ferguson1 “It’s my honeys birthday,” he posted. “No words can describe what proportion i really like you pie, so i’m getting to keep it short. you’re the air I breathe. i really like YOU, angel. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, melaiti. Let’s keep building & growing. Cheers to LIFE.” Posted Shona Ferguson. Connie’s daughter Ali, who recently celebrated her 19th birthday also took to social media to celebrate her mother. She described mommy dearest as her rock and her Queen. Ali added that she has adopted a number of Connie’s traits. She also mentioned her as her ally and therefore the coolest mother ever. inspect her sweet and heartfelt message below.Connie Ferguson0 “My MAMZO, My Queen, My ally, Dance and Gym partner, My Rock, Happy Birthday mama. This year has been a blessing on behalf of me because I’ve gotten to spend tons of your time with you. I’ve literally taken on a number of your characteristics and habits no matter that, I’m so glad and fortunate to mention that my mother is my ally. many thanks for being the good, realistic mother within the world. Words cannot describe what proportion i really like you, mama. I hope you’ve got a tremendous day today crammed with tons of affection, joy, and laughter.


i really like you, mommy.” This afternoon, producer at Ferguson Films, Atosie Pilane shared a couple of snaps from Connie’s birthday celebration which we’ve been eagerly anticipating. within the first frame, she was seen sharing a warm hug with Connie. The frame’s that follow show everyone sharing laughter and having an honest time. Atosie also penned Connie a sweet message of her birthday which reads as follows: “Happiest Birthday to The Queen, my Banas. The love of my life. i really like you, sis, may God keep continuing to stay you for us.” She wrote. -ZAlebs