Connie Ferguson loses focus in the gym as Kelly Rowland’s song slaps her so hard

Popular American singer Kelly Rowland’s hit song ‘Work’ caught South African actress, entrepreneur, and businesswoman, Connie Ferguson off-guard dancing in the gym.

The South African actress is well known for her love for dancing and time in the gym.She had managed to keep her body in shape thanks to her gym workouts and music always helping her.




This time around, Connie lost it all when she played Kelly’s hit song Work.Sharing on Instagram, Connie spoke of how much Work took off her concentration.

Even though she made sure to enjoy the song as she did the skips, and fans loved it.

Some even wanted to exercise after watching Connie’s video dancing to Work.“ Chai! The girl couldn’t focus today!‍♀️ This song was too much! Took me right back! Freestyled my way through it, but it’s the dance moves for me, okay?❤️” she said.

Undoubtedly, Connie Ferguson showed that she is a force to reckon with when it comes to dancing.

She even reminded some fans of her best days dancing with Shona Ferguson.