Connie Ferguson leaves her fans stunned with recent picture, with no makeup and big hair.

One thing that we need to understand is that we are not the same. That’s why we all do the same workout routine and diet but get different results. Everyone is unique in their own way and the sooner we get that the better.




Genes play an important role in one’s body. That’s one of the things that sets us apart as people. Connie Ferguson is originally from Botswana but based in South Africa. She has been on the country for many years. The actress and television producer is one of the best in our country.

Connie is known for her long hair. She shared a picture of herself showing her natural hair and face. What baffled her fans is that she cut her hair months back and it is already this big. Looking at her children and sister, we know that her family is blessed with long, rich hair. We are not surprised as her fans ask her to recommend hair products.