Connie Ferguson Is 52 Years Old And Continues To Serve Us With Body Goals.

Connie Ferguson is not only a 52 year old business woman and producer but her strength as a woman is truly inspiring to a lot of ladies in South Africa.

When Shona Ferguson passed away, all of South Africa was grieving because he was a great man, a loyal husband and a true business man and tv producer. Him and Connie Ferguson made a great team and created the drama series we enjoy every weekday called the Queen.

When Shona passed away, we were very concerned about Connie Ferguson because we knew that she lost her everything. But her strength is inspires us daily and on top of it, she continues to serve us with major body goals. For a woman her age, Connie Ferguson still looks young, vital and extremely fit! She shows us that when you’re healthy and fit, you can look young forever!
Here Are More Pictures Of 52 Years Old Connie Ferguson Serving Us With Body Goals: