Connie Ferguson inspires her fans with recent picture of her in the gym.

Dedication always pays off. We might think that people are lying to us when they tell us that hard work pays off, but in actual fact it is the truth. Nothing comes for free. You have to sweat for everything in life. Most people we expect results while sitting down, which doesn’t work.




Sometimes good genes play a huge role as well especially when it comes to weight. Connie Ferguson is in her 50s but barely looks over 40. The actress and television presenter loves working out, which she got from her father. He is in his 80s but is still very much fit.

It seems she loves working out more than anything. The actress spends more time working than doing other things. She shared a picture of herself while at gym. And we are impressed with the results. If this is the outcome, then we might as well follow. Her persistence is unmatched though.